Why I love Mob Psycho 100

If I'm able to change, then everyone else should be able to as well. That means no one is worthless. - Mob

Watching anime brings me solace, and there is one anime that I love the most. MOB PSYCHO 100.

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It is a story about a schoolboy, Shigeo Kageyama aka MOB, who has psychic powers, he is socially inept and given his powers nobody understands him. He lives with his younger brother, mother and father. He has a mentor, who is a fraud, Reigen Arataka. His mentor runs a ghost-busting agency and has Mob do all the ghost-busting because well Reigen is a fraud, a good person, but a fraud.

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You are the protagonist of your own life. - Reigen Arataka

Mob doesn't show his emotions or get angry, but there is a dial that when reaches 100%, Mob loses it and goes full psycho. You can guess, that he is overpowered, if you have watched animes, that is the basic plotline of many animes, basic boy, socially inept, but has so much power that he can turn the world into a roasted potato.

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But Mob is a lovable character, his struggles are understandable and relatable. He wants to get in touch with his emotions. He has a crush whom he wants to ask out. He cares for everyone around him. He is a kind, gentle soul, who wants to help everyone. He never judges anyone. He is the peak male personality character.

You should realize you are only able to survive thanks to the help of others. - Mob

We need more animes like Mob Psycho which portray the best in the world. Mob's journey makes me feel proud of him. As a viewer, I am invested in his journey. I love the character transition and how he struggles and succeeds in finding his tribe.

I don’t want to see anyone else hurting people, or anyone else getting hurt. - Mob

The anime has ended, but my love for it is eternal, I love Mob. I adore Reigen. They have shown me how the world can be beautiful in its way.

We are blessed to be here, we should be grateful and protect the ones we love. There is no greater power than the power of having our tribe.

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