Traffic Signals and Patience

Traffic Signals and Patience

Traffic signals test our patience. Can you wait for 90 seconds for better road conditions, or are you impatient?

A friend asked if we could hack into traffic signals. The short answer is yes. The long answer involves details I won't delve into. However, every traffic signal post has a grey box linked to a central system. These boxes can be overridden, but to hack all signals simultaneously would require intricate frequency hacking.

Please, don't take this seriously. I have limited knowledge about hacking and traffic signals. In India, the technology is old and hence relatively unhackable. In first-world countries, the traffic signal systems are more complex.

But why focus on traffic signals?

Why not eliminate them?

It's more about ensuring pedestrian safety than simply reducing traffic congestion. Without traffic lights, how would pedestrians cross roads, especially without overpass bridges? It's like a decentralized safety system. However, jaywalkers who cross diagonally seem quite reckless.

India's roads are chaotic, leading to a lack of patience and proper road etiquette. It's incredibly stressful to drive here because even if a pedestrian is hit by a car (regardless of fault), it symbolizes the rich oppressing the poor.

Conversely, when a pedestrian is hit by a car, the driver often gets away, illustrating how the ruling class can evade consequences.

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Red - Stop

Yellow - Ready

Green - Go

Always remember, never forget.