The art of sinning — A guide

The art of sinning — A guide

I was part of a conversation on a discord channel and something that I read caught my attention. The 7 sins and how everything in our life revolves around managing our desires. I will put down the 7 sins below, in case you don’t remember what they are — I don’t want you to go google them and skip my blog. :P

I am not going to explain what these sins are or the history behind them. It is not relevant to the point I am trying to make. (Yes, history is relevant but you don’t need to know it for the sake of this blog)

So the conjecture is that every product we see in the world today is a wrapper over a sin. And to fasten the selling process you add fear and voila! You make money!

The more I think about it the more it makes sense

  1. Fintech — Wrapper over Greed, with added fear of “what if you don’t invest and get left behind”
  2. Edtech — Wrapper over Pride, with added fear of “if you don’t do this course you will be left behind”
  3. Medtech — Wrapper over Gluttony, with added fear of “what if you get un-well” “what if there is a health scare”
  4. Fitness — The same as medtech
  5. Social media — Wrapper over envy, with added fear of “my friends are having a good time on the platform whereas I am missing out”
  6. Dating Apps — Wrapper over lust, with added fear of “what if I miss out on physical intimacy/validation”
  7. Online Shopping — Wrapper over Sloth, no need to go out for utilities, with added fear of “missing the deal/sale”

It is an open thought and I am building upon it, might be relevant in the future when I finally start something of my own. I had to write it down so that I could filter the thought and construct a mental model.

Anyway, ciao!