Lord of the Strings — II (Haki; the shoemaker)

Lord of the Strings — II (Haki; the shoemaker)

It had only been a day since his integration ceremony into the shoemaker community, yet Haki couldn’t help but feel a sense of confusion and scandal. He was experiencing a plethora of emotions that were previously foreign to him. Growing up in a segregated society, Haki had always strived to rise above his circumstances and prove himself as a member of the dominant human race. He had excelled academically, excelled in sports, and always obediently followed the rules set by the Elves. He had always thought of himself as a model citizen. However, now that he was becoming a part of the shoemaker community, he began to question his own biases and understand the complexities and nuances of the society he was a part of.

The selection process for shoemakers was strictly controlled by the Elves, who handpicked only the most exceptional individuals from the human population. The opportunity to become a shoemaker was highly coveted among humans, who viewed it as the ultimate pinnacle of prestige and status. As a result, the competition was fierce, with only the most skilled engineers earning a place within the elite shoemaker community. The Elves treated the shoemakers with the utmost respect and dignity, recognizing the vital role they played in the society

When Haki received the letter informing him of his selection as a shoemaker, he was filled with elation and knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, after participating in the integration ceremony, a highly coveted event attended by high-ranking Elves, Haki began to feel a sense of perplexity. A private meeting followed the ceremony in a secure hall, where the leader of the shoemaker academy delivered a speech that left Haki with a lot to ponder. As he prepared to begin his training for the coveted position of a shoemaker, Haki couldn’t shake off the feeling of uncertainty and doubt that had crept into his mind. He found himself questioning whether this was indeed the path he wanted to take and if he was truly ready for the responsibilities and challenges that lay ahead.

Haki could still recall the exact moment when the leader of the shoemaker academy revealed the secret of their profession to the selected candidates. Initially, it had been difficult for him to fully grasp the significance of the information, but as time passed, everything began to fall into place. Despite his admiration for the elves and his unwavering dedication to becoming a shoemaker, Haki could not help but question everything he had previously believed. The revelation had caused him to re-evaluate his beliefs and perceptions, leaving him with a sense of uncertainty and doubt.

As he made his way home, a shadowy figure lurked in the darkness, following him stealthily.

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