Internet Friends; and where to find them?

Internet Friends; and where to find them?

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We tend to make friends based on our proximity and the environment we’re in. It’s a shame that sometimes we miss out on connecting with people who could have vibed well with us just because we never really talked to them. We naturally gravitate towards folks who are similar to us, you know? My theory is that it’s because we have more stuff to chat about. But at the same time, we also need people who are the total opposite of us because we want our thoughts and opinions to be challenged.

My journey of making friends has been a bit awkward, to be honest. I’m not exactly the most outgoing person, so it’s been a struggle to get comfortable with new people. Most of my friends have been my bench mates in school, but I’m not really in touch with them anymore. Life has changed, and I’m not sure if it’s for the better or worse. What I do remember, though, are the people who were kind to me, as well as those who weren’t. Embarrassing moments are etched in my memory, and that means I also remember the people involved.

Believe it or not, I first started making online friends on LinkedIn. Yeah, I know, it’s surprising! I used to troll corporate propaganda, and that led me to meet some awesome people. Unfortunately, I lost touch with many of them because life got busy. That was the first time I made friends based on our shared ideologies, thoughts, and opinions. But LinkedIn started getting boring after the pandemic, so I stopped using it regularly.

Then I hopped over to Twitter and became anonymous. It was a cool way to connect with like-minded, unhinged individuals and exchange ideas. I’m not an anon on Twitter anymore, and that kinda cost me my street cred. When you are anonymous, you have this hidden power. Nobody knows who you are so they accommodate your opinion, you can be a CEO, a staff software engineer, a VP. Heck, you could even be a young kid talking about the political spectrum of your country. The possibilities are endless. Anons can voice their opinions freely because nobody knows their real-life credentials.

On Twitter, I found some really cool people with all sorts of interests and personalities. The vibe was just right. Sure, I might not agree with everything they say, but that’s cool. It’s the first time I made friends without even knowing where they live, what they do, or any of that stuff. All I know is their personality and their opinions. Most of the like-mindedness came from the mutual interest in anime. Life has become a lot more interesting, and I’m looking forward to making more friends like that, adding some alpha to my life.

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So, go ahead and find your tribe, my friend. Your tribe could be living in Antarctica for all you know, but thanks to the internet, you can reach out to them. Don’t be afraid of the unknown — stay curious and open-minded. May the force be with you.