Indian LLM Saga: Beginning (Parody)

~ Scene: The leadership and top executives of a giant IT services company gather to honor their CEO’s tweet ~

Alright, folks, I’m sure you’ve witnessed my audacious promise, but hey, with enough grit and hard work, we can make the impossible possible!

whispers Yes, Yes, Yes, we totally got this!

Alright then, what’s our master plan? Sharma, as the head of technology, enlighten us about the mystical tech required to achieve our dream.

Sir, the deliverables are currently as clear as mud, and I need to consult with my team before I can whip up an action plan for you.

Umm, but hey, at least give the board a crash course on what we need to achieve and the nitty-gritty of this thing called LLM. They need a tad more understanding, you know.

Sir, the way LLM works is still a bit foggy. I have my reservations about the safety and regulations of AI. We should have a serious chat about that before we dive into building anything.

Safety? No, no. Let’s focus on building it first, and we can figure out the safety dance later.

Sir, the safety of our employees and citizens should be top priority, you know.

What are you saying? Just spill the beans. Give us the lowdown on LLMs.

Sir, A large language model (LLM) is a language model consisting of a neural network with many parameters (typically billions of weights or more), trained on large quantities of unlabeled text using self-supervised learning or semi-supervised learning.

Oh, so you’re reading off Wikipedia, I read that before I walked into this meeting.

Do you even have a clue about tech? What are your credentials?

proudly Sir, I hold an MBA from “”.

Who crowned you as the tech guru then?

Sir, Agrawal sir thought I had what it takes.

Agrawal, do we actually have a tech whiz on our team?

Yes, sir. Rustam knows everything about tech.

Rustam, enlighten the board, my friend.

Sir, my expertise lies in tech delivery, not product development.

frustration Who on earth hired you, Rustom?

I am Agrawal sir’s nephew, and I happened to graduate from NIFT.

What kind of circus is this? We’re a global IT firm, and our top guns have no clue about technology?

Sir, maybe we should consider hiring McKinsey as our tech consultants.

But why? We’ve got an army of techies at our disposal. We should be able to brainstorm our way out of this. You all are making me look like a tech-dunce in front of the board. This meeting is officially over!

Sharma: Sir, I’m dying to know when we’ll be showered with dividends.

Why the sudden interest, Sharma?

Sir, I want to buy a swanky farmhouse near Lokhandwala. I plan on whisking my family away for luxurious holidays. Oh, and I desperately need a new car to add to my collection, you know, to impress the ladies.

You are married, go to hell, Sharma.