I missed out on my college life! (Not really :P)

You won’t find me in most of the college group photos. Enh, introvert mentality.

I made a choice when I started attending college, I wanted to disappear after graduating. Vanish into thin air. I did not like drawing attention. This has always been my jam. I can quickly vanish. People won’t even remember who I was. I have always thought of this as my superpower. I already exist partially.

This superpower is really useful for spies, serial killers, assassins, and some more professions if you look closely. Imagine committing a crime and no one even remembers your face. It is the best disguise, the disguise of social invisibility.

Being invisible is a personal choice, I don't resonate with most people. Humans are complex, I’m not too fond of complexity. I say what I think, no filters, but other humans’ behavior is not predictable. Uncertainty creates anxiousness and anxiousness creates worries.

Anyway, like I said you won’t find me in many group photos. My face is also forgetful, an average middle-class Indian. But all of this doesn’t mean that I did not enjoy my college life. It was somewhat fun. I hit a lot of roadblocks and experimented with different personalities, but you cannot change your instincts. You are what you are!

It was fun while it lasted, I did not feel sad when it ended, it was kinda relieving that I won’t have to attend classes and maintain 75% attendance. Although, I’d vouch for attending college, not really for the education, but for finding yourself. Taking the plunge into life needs some basic awareness and college can provide you with that.