The tent shook from the loud booms outside. Guards dashed out, leaving three tied-up soldiers looking at each other.

One of them burst out, "Sir, we should wait for our buddies to rescue us!"

But the boss said, "No way. We gotta escape fast. We don't know who's bombing us, and we can't end up in another enemy camp. I got a paperclip in my wristband. I'll break free, untie you guys, and then we'll run for it. Got it?"

The other two soldiers nervously nodded, "Yes, sir."

Quick as lightning, the boss used the paperclip to unlock his cuffs. Click! Hope filled the air as he freed the others. Ready to face whatever was outside, they geared up for a wild escape from the chaos beyond the tent. The booms continued, but their determination drowned out the noise. Together, they were set for the unknown.