Cutter Crab and Capitalism

Cutter Crab and Capitalism

Cutter was your simple, happy crab. He used to go out, search for food, store it, eat it, and enjoy his life.

One day Cutter met some of the other crabs and those crabs were wearing fancy jewellery on their claws.

Cutter got bling-ed.

Cutter asked them where can he get that jewellery.

Crabs told him that he got to work at a company for it.

Cutter got the address and went to the company next day, he got hired.

Cutter got paid, cutter went to shop, cutter buy jewellery.

Cutter was happy.

Cutter got introduced to a club where other crabs gathered to party.

Cutter saw things that required more money, like a private lounge at Crabby Club.

Cutter worked at hard at his, he became Principal Cutting Specialist and got paid more.

Now cutter hung out at the private lounge at Crabby Club every weekend.

Soon cutter started feeling an emptiness in his heart.

So cutter bought a house near the Crabby Club and started visiting it every night.

Cutter became a party-holic.

After some time, cutter got bored and depressed.

He found the lack of purpose depressing.

But cutter couldn't leave his job as he needed money to sustain his current lifestyle.

Cutter was now entangled in the web of consumerism and capitalism.

Cutter couldn't escape.