Communal Spaces and the Lack Thereof

Communal Spaces and the Lack Thereof

Humans are inherently social beings. I didn't believe it until the pandemic forced everyone into isolation. I'm still uncertain about the full impact the pandemic has had on our mental well-being.

For those seeking to meet new people, joining various classes like music, dance, sports, book clubs, writing clubs, or engaging in interests like crypto and NFTs is an option. But the real question is whether our current infrastructure is adequate.

Why must we travel far to parks from our homes just to socialize? Are community gathering spots on the decline? While I may not have current data, I notice parks and open spaces being turned into residential areas, which seems logical due to supply and demand issues. With 1.4 billion people in India, there's a significant need for housing.

However, we shouldn't overlook the importance of gathering spots. Many gated communities have recreational centers and parks to facilitate social interactions.

Another challenge is: do people actually desire in-person meetings? We have our phones and devices, so how do we promote and encourage community gatherings? This might be the next question we need to address.

Although my viewpoint on the scarcity of community spaces is that they might expand as the population in a specific area increases. Cafes and sports complexes serve as excellent examples of places that encourage community engagement.

Even Airports are great spots! :))))