Can I quit this rat race?

Life of an average Indian middle-class human being:
Uhh, work?

It is hard, being god’s favorite child.

From the day of my (read: our) birth, I have been hustling. (enh, in a sense)

The real trouble began in 9th standard because grades started to matter. Score better, become a topper, get into Science, and become an engineer/doctor. I was never consulted, to be honest, there was nothing that I could add to the conversation of what I want to do in my life. I did not even know if there were any parallel careers that one could get into. I think schools should start having career discussion sessions for their students.

After completing 10th, Science was the usual choice, but with that choice came in JEE and the IIT dream. Although, that IIT dream soon got converted into “bas thoda accha college mil jaaye”.

I wasn’t really an intelligent student. Sincere, yes, intelligent, no. Many of my friends got into Govt engineering colleges and today are placed at top firms. I envy them. But they worked their ass off. I got caught up somewhere in between.

I completed my engineering in 2020, and since then the world has been pretty dull, if I must say. This whole career thing is frustrating. We run after money, we earn, but we want more, parents want their kid to own a house etc. This rat race is something I never wanted to be a part of. I always wanted a collaborative future.

My hate for the rat race is deeply engraved into my thinking process. Most of the hate comes from the fact that I am born and brought up in a super cutthroat competitive country (India). While, it is not our choice as to where we are born, but deep inside we all want to be born into a rich family, don’t we?

I have decided that I am going to quit this rat race, focus on collaborative growth and creating value for people around me. Quitting the rat race wouldn’t be easy, there will be a lot of enticing from the race, like peers doing better than you, Sharmaji ka ladka getting a job in some foreign country. But I have decided that I want a easy going life. I want to laugh, love and build without being engrossed into an environment where I am competing with others.