Akbar and Birbal - The 9 bodies - Out of Reach

Akbar and Birbal - The 9 bodies - Out of Reach

Birbal hurriedly entered Akbar's office, panting. He exclaimed, "Shorya got bail, sir."

"How?" questioned Akbar.

"Sir, he has a history of mental illness, and his lawyer pleaded insanity, citing his rounds in psychiatric facilities. There's a good chance he was manipulated into this."

"But how? Didn't you see his demeanor that day? He was so calm and composed."

"I know, sir, but this changes things."

"We still need to talk to Shorya."

"It might be difficult to convince him to come to the police station."

"What about the identities of the bodies found?"

"All the victims are criminals and parolees—domestic abuse cases, attempted murder charges, etc."

"So, it is vigilantism mixed with whatever this is?"

"It seems so, sir."

Dubey frantically entered Akbar's office and declared, "Shorya is here, sir. He asks to meet you."

Perplexed, Akbar agreed, "Let him in."

"Hello, Inspector," greeted Shorya.

"What are you doing here?" inquired Akbar.

"I came to check on the progress of the case. As a concerned citizen, I worry. To assist your investigation, here's a clue: the thing in the Tupperware box I gave you doesn't belong to the body you found."

"It's hard to believe that someone with supposed mental instability is well-versed in the case. How do you get your information?"

"That doesn't concern you, Inspector Akbar. Focus on the investigation, or you might miss the chance to catch me."

"I will catch the culprit," retaliated Akbar.

As the investigation unfolded, CCTV footage and the timeline of deaths didn't align with Shorya's whereabouts. During those critical times, he was documented at psychiatric facilities, casting doubt on his involvement. The evidence began pointing away from Shorya, leading Akbar and Birbal to reevaluate their approach and search for the true perpetuator.