Akbar and Birbal - The 9 bodies - Are you sure you are a Serial Killer?

Akbar and Birbal - The 9 bodies - Are you sure you are a Serial Killer?

Birbal immersed himself in routine paperwork while sipping piping hot tea, a regimen he had maintained since his promotion to Inspector over a year ago. Ambitious, clever, and carefree, he seemed the perfect fit for the job. For most of the year, the job had been peaceful, with only a few cases involving the theft of vehicle tires.

Little did he know that his peaceful town was on the brink of an unexpected twist.

A constable hurried over to Inspector Birbal, handing him a neatly handwritten 6-page document. Intrigued, Birbal inquired, "What is this?"

"Sir, there's a person claiming to be a serial killer, and this is his confession," the constable explained.

Amused yet curious, Birbal began scanning the document. Though initially sounding like a story, the mention of real places heightened his interest.

"Alright, let's meet your serial killer," Birbal decided.

Accompanied by Constable Dubey, Birbal approached the front desk, where the self-proclaimed serial killer sat calmly, his eyes exuding an unsettling peacefulness. Dressed in an ironed black-and-white checked shirt and grey pants, with wheatish skin and a scar on the right cheek, he appeared to be an average common man.

"How are you today, Mr.?" Birbal inquired.

"Shorya," the man replied.

"Shorya and last name?"

"Just Shorya."

"Okay, Mr. Just Shorya. The movie script you've presented is compelling. Are you an aspiring writer?"

"I change fates, Inspector Birbal. It's not a movie script; it's reality."

"Why should I believe you and entertain what could be a prank?"

"I anticipated your skepticism, so I have a gift for you." Shorya presented a Tupperware box to Birbal.

As Birbal opened the box, he turned pale. Inside was an index finger. Constable Dubey jumped out of his shoes at the sight of a human finger.

Never before had Birbal encountered a severed finger in a Tupperware box.

"I believe this is sufficient evidence for you to investigate the nine locations mentioned in the script," Shorya declared.

Birbal instructed the constable to arrest Shorya and escort him to the holding cell.

Meanwhile, pulling out his mobile, he dialled Senior Inspector Akbar, this marked the beginning of something horrid.