5 Marvel Movies that took my breath away

5 Marvel Movies that took my breath away

Marvel movies have been an important part of life for people my age. India had never seen any crude action superhero movies. Shaktimaan was the only exception.

When Iron man came out, the GenZ audience was amazed by the man wearing an iron suit destroying weapon stashes. It began from there and ended with End Game, literally. I don’t actively follow Phase-2 of marvel movies. My enthusiasm ended with End Game. But I am going to watch Thor: Love and Thunder.

  1. Iron Man

Iron man, released in 2008, started the Marvel Cinematic Universe experience. I did not know that it was going to be a long and awesome ride. A genius billionaire privatizes world peace. Stark’s casting was done right. Robert Downey Jr as the genius, arrogant, full of himself human just hit the right spot!

2. Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America, released in 2011, introduced us to the morally challenged Steve Rogers. A true patriot who always supports what is right. Chris Evans did justice to the role. The shield (prop) action was amazing, the only thing I did not understand was how did the shield bounce off a tree.

3. The Avengers

The most mind-boggling movie experience of my life came from watching Avengers. Group of superheroes trying to protect Earth from aliens. (woot, woot!) The action scenes, the direction, and the VFX was meticulous. My favorite scene was when Dr. Banner AKA The Hulk joins the battle.

4. Thor: Ragnarok

The first two Thor movies were, meh. But Ragnarok changed the game. It was hilarious, full of action, and Gods. We got to see Chris Hemsworth as his best. My favorite part was the fight between Thor and Hulk. Also, the one scene where they trimmed Thor’s hair. God of Thunder! We got to know that Thor’s hammer isn’t indestructible.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

I liked this movie because it was quirky. Outliers get together to save the Universe (kinda). Space travel, teensy-bit romance, teamwork, Rocket, and I am Groot! The movie had everything. My favorite scene was, guess, yes, the one that came to your mind. Starlord’s dance-off with Ronan. Although it wasn’t much of a dance-off, the scene was hilarious as it broke the tension.

These are the 5 Marvel movies that I re-watch every time I need a dose of superhero action. What Marvel movies do you re-watch from time to time?

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