Your Daily Guide to Vigilantism: Strategies for Taking Action

Your Daily Guide to Vigilantism: Strategies for Taking Action

"As darkness descended, a chill ran through the city streets, for it signaled the arrival of Geckoman, the harbinger of justice, ready to strike fear into the hearts of criminals lurking in the shadows."

I know, I might sound like a vigilante at the top of the chain, I am not,but I can only rise if my marketing is superior. You need to understand that the world operates on psychological operations (psyops). Marketing is important.

My experience as a vigilante hasn't been very fruitful; I roam the streets in search of injustice but rarely encounter it.

It has been 2 months since my last encounter with a criminal. He was intoxicated and attempting to tamper with an electric pole. After appealing to his humanity several times, I eventually called the police because he was a towering figure. My rule of thumb is to keep a safe distance from fights that I know I cannot win.

A lot of people think of brawling as physical madness, and it is. When you are in a fight you don't have time to think about what move you are going to make next, it comes subconsciously and for that you have to train a lot, a lot!

Due to my day job, I cannot dedicate much time to training. So my strategy is simple: whenever you find yourself in a fight, try to end it as quickly as possible, preferably with your first move. Let me share a real-life example. About 6 months ago, I witnessed a man harassing some girls outside a trendy bar. As the vigilant person I am, I approached the man respectfully and asked him to leave them alone. However, when the man turned violent and pushed me, I knew I couldn't back down because the women were watching. So, I took an unconventional approach; I readied myself, assumed a defensive stance, and swiftly struck the man in the groin with my knee—mind you, I wear knee caps. The man crumbled like a house of cards. The women watched in horror, but then they departed without a word.

I don't seek gratitude for my actions, but I do expect some decency.

I quickly left the scene as a crowd began to gather. As a vigilante, it's best to avoid unnecessary attention.

However, I'm quite certain those women recorded a video. The next day, I found them at the same bar and pleaded with them to delete the footage. Thankfully, they hadn't shared it anywhere yet. They demanded INR 2000 to delete the video, and I complied. My mission is more important than money.

Yes, the point I am trying to make is to overwhelm your opponent with the first move. This not only gives you a psychological advantage but also triggers the opponent's flight response.

That's it for now, I'll see you next time. Ciao!