Samurai Shinjoo and the Summon

Samurai Shinjoo and the Summon

I rushed to the guild with the letter. I had just woken up 10 minutes ago and found the letter on my doorstep. It said that I have to show up for the hearing or my gig card would be voided. The document said that some person had sued me for not doing my job.

The guild has a lawyer on retainer, I had heard about him in our gig training. I am not familiar with this new Justice System, in times of the Shogunate it was better. If you were a friend of the Shogun you could get away with anything. Smaller matters were resolved by the Shogun's minions, but there too if you had the money then you could get away with anything.

If you didn't have any money then you were fucked. They would cut off your head in public. Humiliating.

I consulted the lawyer and he told me that cases like these happen quite often. Since the new Justice system has come into existence, people are being sued left and right. I just have to go to the hearing, tell my side of the story and there is a good chance that the Judge will dismiss the case. I was relieved after hearing this. The question remained, why did the other person sue me?

The lawyer told me that I was being accused of fraud as I did not complete the gig. I mean how could I? The gig was to find the dogs of the farmer, but when I found them they were already dead. I was not told that this was something that could happen. How is this on me? I for the love of the Shogun cannot understand.

The lawyer asked me to dress properly on the day of the court hearing and be calm and answer all the questions truthfully.

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Day of court

Judge: So case number 334 is up next, the farmer named Muji has sued Samurai Shinjoo for fraud.

Farmer's Lawyer: Yes, Judge. Samurai Shinjoo didn't complete his gig, as was promised by him. It has caused emotional and monetary hurt to my client and we want Samurai Shinjoo to apologize and pay a monetary sum to reduce the hurt caused.

Guild's Lawyer: Judge, Samurai Shinjoo was not aware of the black swan in this gig, he wasn't told that the dogs' lives were in danger and also this was just a finding gig. If you rule in favor of the farmer it will set a dangerous precedent and the whole country will start suing the guild and gig workers.

Judge: Hmm, I have to side with the Guild here. The gig is not a contract, this case is dismissed.


I thanked the guild lawyer and went back to my home, I was confused and felt betrayed. I then went to meet Farmer Muji to ask him why he did what he did. I was flabbergasted when he told me that the lawyer approached him and asked him to sue me. I was enraged.

I found out where the lawyer lived and took care of him that night.

As a Samurai, I don't appreciate falsehood and fraud.