How To Vigilantism: Choosing a Costume

How To Vigilantism: Choosing a Costume

We've covered most of the "Getting Started" pointers; this is the final one. Some vigilantes refer to their attire as a kit. I'm not sure why. I prefer to call it a costume because we are artists, artists of justice. Poetic, isn't it?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Vigilantism is dangerous
Please be careful

I love you

Now, about costumes—there are numerous shops that offer custom-made costumes, but you need one you can trust, as you wouldn't want the maker to report you to the police. You can make your costume yourself, but it is too much of an effort, you'd have to learn how to sew. Better to let a professional costume maker do it.

Why costume is important?

It represents your identity. There are some fame whore vigilantes who wear fancy outfits and people are attracted to them. Morons. Your costume needs to be practical and functional. It should help you hide in the shadows, providing ample mobility, and protecting you from cuts and scrapes. It should be easily washable, your work will get you dirty a lot. Water resistant costumes are better in the longer run. You should also add a lot of pockets to your costume so you carry many things.

Most vigilantes who are serious about their work choose dull colours which help with camouflage. There are many costume makers in the city. I got my costume made from Milton's. The family has been into costume making since generations, their latest gen is notorious and discreetly makes vigilante costumes.

There is a famous lore in the circles that once a flashy vigilante chose a long cape for his costume. While on patrol, he encountered a group of thugs and was unable to overpower them. In a panicked attempt to flee, he tripped on his cape, fell, and broke his neck, dying instantly. Dead on the spot. Sad. This lore has prevented a lot of vigilantes from getting capes. Capes are not for vigilantes, you are not a bird. Come on.

You can decide on a simple logo too. It gives you an identity. This is my logo, it is childish but I find it aesthetically okay.

I think I have covered everything I wanted to. Now it depends on your efforts, to achieve your dream you have to work hard. Vigilantism isn't easy and not for the weak hearted. Be cautious and if you need any advice let me know. I'll be around. This blog is the last in the series. Thank you.