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Gang Gang Slurp Slurp

A giant meteor is heading towards the Earth, and the Governments have announced that everyone has exactly 4 hours to get all their things in order. What are you doing?

The end is near and you are wondering if this is what you wanted all along. To disappear in the void. There is this tingly feeling in your spine that how would it feel once you are gone. Does heaven/hell exist? Will you be re-born? Will your soul roam the destroyed world? Or if it will be over once you die? What will happen?

This question has bewildered almost everyone on Earth.

But nobody knows the answer.

Some people would say don't think about it, just live your life. But this is my life, I think in my empty time. I have questions, I wonder. My imagination runs wild. Are there more important things to do? Yes.

For some people the question is why are some humans evil?

For some people the question is if the system is rigged?

I think about everything. Humans are not that complex creatures. Deep inside their motivations are objective. Sadness, Loneliness, Anger, Love, Jealousy, Pride, Lust, Greed are the triggers for most actions.

I think my aim is to leave a world a better place than it was. I don't know how I will do that. Only if I had money, I ponder. Money can actually solve a lot of problems, and you can create a positive impact on the society if you put the money to ethical use?

I also wonder if there is a limit? Who wants to hustle their whole life, right? Maybe there should be a limit as to how much money you can earn, but that will just limit a lot of innovations, because most of humanity is motivated by money.

We need to create a better motivation system than paper? I seriously don't think humans can transcend materialism. :(

This also puts into question the system we have created, maybe it is a correct system which will help humanity to become multi planetary species. Moving forward I think power will also be variable in the equation with money.

I think everything in moderation can create the perfect society.

Without capitalism and greed we cannot really build a top notch healthcare system. Balancing seems to the the best option.

If the system is working and we want to make sure the system doesn't end up destroying humanity, then we need to have checks and balances, systems will always be flawed. The world runs on emotions, not logic. If it was a purely logical world, then there would not be so many military conflicts.

Humanity is flawed, but ambitious enough. We might just end up conquering the universe.