Samurai Shinjoo: Dear Diary

Samurai Shinjoo: Dear Diary

It has been 4 years since the shogunate collapsed, and this absurd democratically elected government took control. That first year of unemployment was tremendously difficult - I would simply lie in bed, staring at the ceiling for hours on end. The days felt short while the nights were unbearable. However, being a samurai means persevering through hardship, so I endured. After one year, I determined my life's mission: to restore the shogunate. To accomplish this, I would need to carefully strategise every move and cleverly engage in covert operations.

I ventured out with my katana to earn some money. I received a assassination contract, which was the most lucrative way to gain funds and influence. I invested my own money to carry out the assassination, but I failed miserably. I was mocked and expelled from the elite community of samurai assassins. Yet my mission has become my driving purpose now. So I began taking on menial gigs to earn money, pay off debts, and prepare for my mission's requirements.

My mission will restore the Shogunate and Samurais will again have their respect. I am devoted to this mission.

My name is Shinjoo and I am going to turn the world upside down.

I find it disrespectful that samurai have been reduced to mere gig workers. I want our honour restored. But bringing down a government that doesn't have a singular figure of authority is difficult. Especially when they have so many contingency plans around it. In the Shogunate era, you could just slice the Shogun and the whole era would fall apart. This is difficult.

I have established a secret underground network where I rally sympathisers to the former shogunate, currently it is just 5 people, but we are growing fast. We have the support from a laundromat which used to wash clothes of the whole Shogunate's palace.

Yet I lack an actual step by step plan. I can cut down any obstacle, but slicing through bureaucracy is extremely difficult. It took 3 months merely to obtain a gig worker's license.

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During shogunate times, roles were simple: give commands or follow them. Now, governing has become unnecessarily complex.

This madness must end.

However, I don't have any idea on how to end it. This system is so complex, if you stop one thing some other thing pops up. It is like we are stuck in this endless loop of rules and regulations. Yes, the QoL has improved for the vast majority of the population, but at what cost? I deny this fascism. I want the rule of the Supreme Leader back.

I am hiring a consultant who can advice us on how to bring down this godforsaken democratic rule.

The more I delve into the working of this democratic institution, the more disappointed I get. There is no singular point of failure to exploit - I cannot simply cut my way through the bureaucracy. So building an opposition is all I can do right now.

Lets see how all this unfolds.

Shinjoo out.