How to Vigilantism: Next Few Pointers

How to Vigilantism: Next Few Pointers

I've already discussed the first point, "Choosing your ideals," but I had to cut it short as I was running late for my day job. Now, let's continue. I urge you to approach this with an open mind because flexibility is crucial in this line of work. There will be situations where quick decisions are necessary, and rigid principles won't serve anyone well.

I have been a vigilante for more than 2 years now and I have had exactly 3 violent encounters with inebriated strangers. It is a dangerous job, but someone's gotta do it. The next pointers will help you with how to do the job without hurting yourself. Pay attention.

  1. Choosing your style

    There are various vigilante styles. Some are overt, flaunting their actions, while others operate covertly, leaving no trace even on a Google search. You must select what suits you best.

See if you flaunt your deeds, you will gain a following and people will want to take photos and selfies wherever you go. There was one vigilante named ShimmerBoy, he used to go to the most crowded places chasing after criminals, after catching the criminals he used to deliver them to the police station by himself.

It got him a good following, I remember he did some brand promotions too. However, one day while he was escorting a robber to the police station he was mobbed by a crowd wanting photos. In the chaos, the thief escaped and was fatally struck by a truck. It turned out the thief was an underage first-time offender coerced into stealing alcohol. It was a tragedy.

That incident marked the end of ShimmerBoy's career. NGOs sued him for negligence and unlawful conduct, and his career ended on a bad note.

Operating in the shadows suits a lot of vigilantes as most of us are not in it for the glory but for the betterment of society. However, there are drawbacks to this approach too as you won't get acknowledged by anyone, which can lead to envy toward those seeking fame. Famous vigilantes make loads of money. There was this shadowy vigilante, Drookie he called his persona. He busted a lot of big wig criminals. How do I know? Well, Vigilantes are tight as a community and word gets around. Drookie helped a lot of people. But he was in huge debt, depressed and ultimately ended his life because he did not receive any warmth. Nobody outside of the vigilante community knows his name. He did a lot of good for the society but what did it get him?

It is sad. But from the start you have to decide what your style would be. You cannot go into an intellect crisis in this profession. It can lead to a lot of mixed feelings.

So once you have decided what will be your style of vigilantism you are 25% done I think. I am going to pause here because it can be overwhelming for newcomers, I have a few more pointers but I'll publish them in the next blog. So stay tuned and don't give up on your dreams.